Frozen Heart

The day eventually came when Liz made the fateful decision to reveal to the dolls their fate. You see, we didn’t know our fate until that fateful day came (is that too many “fates”?). Well, that is, not all the dolls found out their story. Just me and Elsa and Kristoff and Hans found out ours (and Eugene and Raleigh and Renee). This is Anna, by the way. Continue reading


As I crept down the hallway, Pocahontas’s words kept echoing in my mind. “Liz brought us in here before we could see what else was in the bag. But it was the strangest sound…” As soon as she said that, I knew I had to see what it was that had made the sound. Pocahontas had said that the bag was in the seamstress room. This is Anna, by the way. Continue reading

Finding John Smith

Hey, there, everyone! This might come as a surprise to you, but this is Liz. You see, Pocahontas asked me to write this because, she thought that out of everyone involved in this tale, I would be best suited to tell the tale. Soon you’ll see why.

It started on my trip to the mall. After parking, I heard something in the back seat, and when I looked I saw that I had a stowaway. Continue reading

Outside Looking In

The day it started snowing again, I was shocked. It was snowing–AGAIN! Liz took me and Renee and Merida all into the dining room and stuck us on a stool in front of the window so we could look outside. The back porch was covering in snow. Liz snapped a funny looking picture of me before she ran off to do her stuff. She suddenly held up her phone and said, “Smile, Anna!” Continue reading