Search’s End ~ Part One

I’ve always heard that if you’re ever a doll, and someone asks your owner to house-sit for them, you have to do everything in your power to remain where you are. Because other houses can have mean pets in them, or horrid smells, or cramped spaces where a doll might become lost.

You can imagine my fright the day Liz walked up and announced we were going to be stay at a neighbor’s house to look after their dog while they were out of town. But she shoved us in a bag with some furniture and lugged us over. To my shock, we would be forced to stay in a…oh, how to describe it?

As a doll, there’s only one word. Mansion. With a shelf that serves as Elsa’s and mine’s very own room. This is Anna, by the way.


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Something Beautiful

“I’m fine, I’m fine, I’m fine.” Famous last words to a doctor.

But mercifully, by the end of Doctor Hans’ examination, he had agreed to hear my side of the story. I fainted when the apparition scared me half to death. I was waiting for him to give me a bad bill of mental health after listening to such a story, but he didn’t. Because the apparition wasn’t an apparition, it was a doll. A brand new, a brand spanking new Anna doll.

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Falling For You

“And he was just climbing those humongous stairs like it was absolutely no big deal.” I watched Elsa’s face with wide eyes as I told her the story.

She gave me a small Elsa smile that tells me she’s thinking more than she wants to say. “That’s pretty impressive.”

“I know.” I stared out into nothingness as I thought of Eric. “I told him I was going to do it today.” Continue reading


Hello! This is Raleigh. Anna told you that wasn’t our last adventure, and she meant it. Except I don’t think any of us knew what was coming when she said that. For me, the beginning of a lifelong adventure was just around the corner.

It started when Liz walked into the room and got Eugene and me up. She said, “I think it’s time for you to know everything,” and took us to the TV. I thought she was on the verge of telling us some horrid thing about our pasts, but really she was showing us our stories.

Or actually the stories our characters lived before us.

I think my heart broke when I watched the life leave Eugene’s face. And then Rapunzel was singing, and when her tear started to heal him and her face was filling the screen, it struck me how she looked just like my sister Renee.

I felt my heart lift when light was filling the screen, and the flower bloomed before our eyes. Continue reading

Last Adventure

Have you ever had to pick a moving buddy? Well, I have, and I’m less than a couple years old. I know that sounds weird, but I’m a doll. You probably already know that, but if you didn’t I wanted you to, but if you did then telling you isn’t because you already do. In case you hadn’t noticed, this is Anna. And I’m here to tell you about our last adventure.

Nah, not really our last. But before we were forced to tragically move away from the home we originally came out of our boxes to (and pick a moving buddy), we met some newcomers.

“We won’t be so close to the Disney Store anymore, Anna. So I’m going to take advantage and give you some new friends. Just a few, before the move.” Famous last words, said by Liz.

But it wasn’t long before strangers were turning up in random places. Actually, they started doing that a long long time ago. But a lot of times it’s kinda one at a time. Not this time. That’s a lot of “times.”

Anyway, Liz is always sticking her new dolls in the seamstress room. I think she secretly does it so we dolls can welcome the new ones into our community, and we always hang out in here. So I came upon two boxes stacked on the bed.

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Beckoning Change

If ever anybody was in need to make the trek to visit the house of the fount of wisdom, I was. Renee kept complaining about how she couldn’t find Buzz, Raleigh wasn’t saying anything at all because she wasn’t even around, and everyone else was busy. Which made me feel the absence of Elsa, who was hard at work getting her shelf in the seamstress room ready to live in. This is Anna, by the way.

Elsa was in the process of installing her living room floor when I arrived.

“What are you wearing?” I asked loudly as I climbed up.

“Something that does not limit my range of movement,” she replied between ragged breaths. “Is there something wrong with this outfit?” Continue reading

For the First Time

There are always things in life that we should probably leave behind. In the dirt. Forget about it forever.

Let it go.

But even when we choose to do so, sometimes the past doesn’t let us go. And it refused to on the night that Raleigh found out my secret. This is Eugene. And I’m here to tell you the tale.

“I’m a replacement, Eugene,” Belle had said the night of the ball. “I’m not your Belle.”

I don’t think I’ll ever forget those words. Or how I reacted to them. Raleigh began to look confused, but the hurt didn’t come until I left the room.

I couldn’t sleep that night. All I could see in my mind’s eye were two faces: Raleigh’s and Belle’s. Continue reading

No Different

For a long time, the only things that were worth noting happened at dances. Elsa and I had attended two dances since we arrived at Liz’s house, and both of them marked rather large milestones in our lives at the time.

This dance wasn’t really any different.

Hunter Taylor never needs a reason to celebrate, so dances sort of come up out of the blue. The last dance was quite a while ago, she said. So we ought to do another one, she said. It’ll be fun, she said. She was right.

Mostly. At first.

Hans had said that Elsa’s ankle was better enough so that she could dance, so she and I got ourselves looking our best before embarking on our journey across the house to the seamstress room. We escorted each other, since neither of us are really with a guy yet. Well, that’s what Elsa says. I know better though.

When we arrived, we were greeted by Eugene and Raleigh, who were radiant. I mean, Raleigh was radiant. Eugene was, well…Eugene.

I couldn’t help but notice how Kristoff glanced over at me whilst he was dancing with Merida. It didn’t really bother me that he was dancing with somebody else, but I’d rather hoped he’d be waiting for me like Hans was standing over there waiting for Elsa. They’re perfect, I thought inwardly, although Elsa just kept talking to Raleigh and Eugene without noticing how Hans was watching her from afar.

Before I knew it, Eugene had romantically swept Raleigh into the dance. Is she wearing a wedding dress? I thought, watching Raleigh for a minute. Continue reading

Frozen Heart

The day eventually came when Liz made the fateful decision to reveal to the dolls their fate. You see, we didn’t know our fate until that fateful day came (is that too many “fates”?). Well, that is, not all the dolls found out their story. Just me and Elsa and Kristoff and Hans found out ours (and Eugene and Raleigh and Renee). This is Anna, by the way.

We finally got to watch Frozen.

Half of me was completely elated (or gassy?), while the other half of me was completely terrified, and petrified, and horrified at the thought of what could come of finding out what our stories were intended to be. But I just reminded myself of our earlier decision to, you know, keep calm, not freak out, and live out our lives not based on the movie. Continue reading