The Fate of the Elsas

So Elsa’s hurt herself probably a hundred thousand different times since the beginning of our story. Which is funny because I’m the risk taker of the two of us (this is Anna, by the way). But anyway. I’ve always thought it was just an Elsa thing. Today, well…let’s just say I’m rethinking that conclusion.

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New Year’s Dance {Part I}

We were at the beginning. It was a new year. A new season. And for some of us, it would be a new life. After a strange and wonderful adventure in another state, our new friend Mo got a fresh start in our community. And after a beautiful Christmas wedding, Pocahontas and John Smith have at last started their lives together.

It was such a beautiful ceremony. Hans married them in the warm glow of Christmas lights while the entire doll community watched (and cried).


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It was the day before we would depart for home. I figured I would save my tears and everything for the actual goodbye, but Mo beat me to it. She was visibly upset for the first time since I’d met her, and she nervously asked us to have a talk with her. Of course, we obliged. We found a spot on Liz’s nightstand and waited anxiously for Mo to tell us what was wrong.


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The Climb

Climbing. The best activity under the sun. And finally, I had someone to do it with me. There was a time when I would’ve said that I was the best climber in the world compared to Kristoff. But as I was attempting to scale the biggest piece of furniture in the house, my perspective changed.


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A Wacoan Christmas

The first thing you see in a new place ought to be special. All I could do was hope for the best on the million year (technically it was only a day) trip to Waco for Christmas. It was boring, for sure. And stuffy, since Kristoff and I had to ride in a backpack the whole time. Of course Elsa didn’t, though. I’m sure she made the journey in first class. This is Anna, by the way.

Sometime during sunset Kristoff and I both drifted off, and when we woke, there was a strip of light pouring into the backpack. It was morning, surely. We tentatively climbed up to investigate our surroundings. That’s when we saw it.


A real-life, genuine, flesh-and-blood Wacoan.

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“I Do”

It’s no doubt that Pocahontas and John Smith have had the longest engagement imaginable. They’ve said they’re not in any rush, but surely nobody thought they would wait more than a year! Who knows, maybe that’s just me (This is Anna, by the way).

Finally, plans are being made for their long-awaited wedding. We even did the first rehearsal and I gotta say, it didn’t go quite as planned. Surely there will be another one. Won’t there? There should be.


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Elsa Returns

So we dolls have finally returned. But everyone’s probably wanting to know when Elsa will return. Not literally, but figuratively. Being an invalid has never suited her well, not only because it just stinks, but because it hinders her ability to be as bossy. At first she was too groggy to even talk, and when she did talk, I think she was too tired to be mother hen. I’m here to tell you about her return as her proper self (this is Anna, by the way).

So, nowadays, Elsa can boss you all day long with her words, even though she can’t always follow through. One day recently, as I was exploring Liz’s new house, she found something to scold me about.


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Hello, everyone. I’m here to apologize for the extremely long absence. Life just got super hectic and updating the blog just got lost in everything, and we’re all really sorry to keep you hanging. I’m also here to give you a quick overview of what’s happened since the last post. This is Anna, by the way.

The day after Elsa fell down the stairs, Hans informed us that it was highly possible Elsa would make a full recovery, but that the injury to her head, back, and hips caused by the fall would make it a slow and painful process. She would need rest at first. Then slowly, we would guide her through therapy. After years of hearing about this type of thing amongst people, I’ve always thought that dolls were only plastic, so surely we can’t have problems like humans, right? I thought wrong, I guess.

In the following days, I would often go to stand at the bottom of the staircase and think about my sister.


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